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A beautiful and unique Indigenous Gift.

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Red Yellow and White ochre sales 

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Beautifully presented with Instructions included.

Aboriginal Art Ochre packs

contain approx 200 gm. of Pure Ochre

(Probably enough to create up to 10 A4 size paintings)

For Schools students to investigate Indigenous use of ochres and identify changes made to ochre when other materials are added… and use them to make beautiful paintings. 

When you buy ochre here from this site you support Aboriginal Australians and their families.

Ochre Gift Pack

Genuine Ochres collected by an Indigenous artist over a lifetime of travels.


These Aboriginal art ochres have been crushed up enough to fit into the containers without turning them all into a fine powder...

Great just to look at and fantastic use. Aboriginal Australians still use it to this day for art and painting up for ceremony, buy ochre here with confidence that it has been collected by Indigenous people with proper respect.

Soft to touch…Strong powerful colours……you can see why Indigenous cultures from all over the world have used and traded them for hundreds of thousands of years….and ochre sales to this day...!

Use regular sealants... PVA - Craft Glue,

Clear sprays, Hairspray etc. Instructions included.

Kilo Packs



7 Sisters Lost Sister

Red ochre is used to depict the land and the blood in Aboriginal art. The Aboriginal art ochre colour Red...is the colour for the land and the blood spilled in its defence. We are all the one blood and if an invader came here we would certainly all rise in defence of this land just as Aboriginal Australians did all those years ago.

Red is the Colour for the Land

Red Ochre loves.....
Concrete, Sandstone, Paper and Canvas etc. and will beautifully colour (STAIN PERMANENTLY) white clothes... 

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Yellow Ochre per Kilogram


Yellow Ochre

Aboriginal art ochre Yellow is used as the sacred colour for the Sun...The sun is a beautiful woman, she does corroboree every evening and paints up with all the ochre colours. Those are the colours seen in the clouds at sunset. In the morning when she comes home most of the ochres have worn off so there is less colour in the clouds.

Yellow is the sacred colour, the colour for the Sun.


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White Ochre per Kilogram


White Ochre

White ochre

White Aboriginal art ochre is used to depict water, smoke, the air, anything spiritual or dynamic. 

White is the colour for the Spirit

Aboriginal Art and Culture Resources, ethically obtained with appropriate protocols.

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Ochre cliffs deep in the scrub, only Kangaroos and goannas around...and me!

Ochre sourced from the Australian Bush.


I love going out looking for materials.

Red ochre cliff with Goanna holes dug into it

Buy ochre here online for your arts practice. 

Ochre is used all over the world, not just by Aboriginal Australians for Aboriginal art, by all cultures.

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I have spent a lifetime in the bush locating these ochres from appropriate places and collecting with proper respect and protocols.

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Very attractive pack with instructions …

Makes a beautiful and unique Indigenous Gift…

Collected by Aboriginal Australians, buy ochre here with confidence from this site.