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This Resources Kit contains everything needed to immediately present Indigenous activities using readily available materials
to produce excellent outcomes in a culturally appropriate way...

Everything listed below is in the Resources Kit..........

Over 200 Indigenous images from the saltwater to the desert... Professionally illustrate projects for years to come, Easy copy and paste into other documents or print. Samples are on this site..

The Brave Ant 50 Page Colouring-in Book: To introduce younger students to the wonderful world of Aboriginal Art with over 50 A4 pages of Dreamtime drawings and scenes ....and a very brave ant! 

Easy print & photocopy for an endless supply of colouring-ins...

Classroom Activities: ....that reference Key Learning Areas in the curriculum - and across the curriculum, using Aboriginal classroom activities to make finished products and create Interesting opportunities for valuable research. 

Learn to read, write and multiply by making a stone axe..??..!..?

1. Ochre painting...Information and samples...

2. Basket making ....Baskets created and valuable skills learned using readily available materials with helpful realistic and fully printable, colour, step by step instructions.

3. Stone axe making ....Yes stone axes can be made, cross curriculum skills learned, and problems solved learning this age old skill, laying a foundation from day one for ongoing projects or one off activities.

4.Boomerang Throwing & Safety Advice

Movies: 3 Mini movies Each Full colour: 5min.
Backing up the hands on activities these movies follow the creation process from start to finish: 

  • Basket making movie, 
  • Stone axe making movie, 
  • Ochre painting movie. 

Cultural Information: 

  • On Tribal kinship, 
  • Trade, 
  • Games, 
  • Hunting & Gathering, 
  • Protocol, 
  • Water, 
  • Culture Survival, 
  • Food, 
  • Shelter.

Stationery: Including letterheads, special presentations and posters etc to give instant help and support presenting cultural events and information, and some inspiration to design your own stationery using the Clip Art.

The Aboriginal Art & Culture Resources Kit CD in cover inc post in Aust..($146.45)

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... with achievable hands on projects that engage students as individuals or groups...

Comprehensive illustrated work sheets and Movies, handouts, Clipart, Stationery, Cultural Information, Indigenous Protocol,and much more...

I am very proud to say that my Resources Kit is now in use in Schools, Colleges, Indigenous communities and Govt. Depts throughout Australia.

Usually Post same day with tracking number.

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