Genuine Termite made Coolabah Tree Didgeridoo Blanks...Ready for you to finish and play...!

Far, far away, where the land is so dry and hot and bleak, the only thing to eat is the inside of COOLABAH trees...! and the only things that can eat the inside of COOLABAH trees are Termites. 

Out there, a sapling, by the time it is 3 or 4 metres high, is completely hollowed out by termites.

There you will find Didgeridoos..

So far out in the bush it is easy to get lost when constantly looking around for the right size saplings to make into a didge. 

We would find a”patch” cut and debate them and stack them around a termite nest, glowing a golden colour in the sun -  then continue on looking for the next patch, and then hopefully find our way back by following those stacks back to the car -a good way to lose a kilo a day! or get lost yourself! 

Sometimes that little chill of fear when we couldn’t find the next stack and had no idea which way to go. Walking in a big circle til we spotted them, what relief.

Hours were spent just poking out the white ant dirt to cut down the weight...carrying maybe 6 or 7 at a time all the way back in stages...Oh my goodness it was fun...!!

By all means you should go and find them yourself, it is the best camping trip ever, though a little remote.

Or please consider getting one here. $55 to $110 + postage or courier 

There are different sizes and mouthpieces to choose from at the shop - and if you contact me I will happily take a couple or more photos to choose from. 

They all need patching, sanding, shaping and TLC etc - but they are all hollow 

...and I will throw in a pod of Beeswax to make the mouthpiece.


Ps: In the old days we used native beeswax and sand for patching, nowadays epoxy resin (car panel repairs)