Aboriginal Art Ochre Packs

Ochre is a very soft rock used by civilisations for millennia. Australia has the oldest known burials using ochre, oldest artefacts with ochre and oldest paintings with ochre..yet the experts say we  Aboriginees migrated from Aarfrika mon. Our own elders say the arrows are pointing the wrong way and that Aborigines have always been here in Australia and that other peoples migrated from here....


So There!

Aboriginal Stencil art on a school wall, with lots of helping hands......

Aboriginal Art Ochre in 200 gm or Kilo packs

OHRE Kilogram Packs

ochre sales in kilogram containers

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Ochre Collected from the Australian bush

what is ochre
how was ochre gathered

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what is ochre
how was ochre gathered
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Ochre Gift Packs 200gm

Ochre Gift Packs Beautifully presented with Instructions included.

Aboriginal art ochre packs

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Red Yellow White Ochre

ochre for sale in packs of 3 colours

Ochre has been traded for time immemorial around the world and is still used to add texture to painting.

Aboriginal Art Ochre Packs

Ochre in red, yellow and white packs.

3 colour Aboriginal Art Ochre packs approx 200 gm. Just mix with water or add a little clear pva glue to the water

to make it permanent


Aboriginal art ochre painting

Stencil art with Ochre

The stencils I use are boomerangs, hands, nets, and cut outs. 

Red yellow and white ochre on black canvas.

"Sandsong" At the Commonwealth Games 2018

The dancers danced the story as I painted the story in the background.

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Ochre painting made with boomerangs and fish bones on canvas

ochre painting with natural earth pigment

These were laid on the canvas and sprayed over with ochre I had in my mouth !!!

Just like in the stone age.

(At least I prove it's non toxic)

Ochre painting made with boomerangs and fish bones and net on canvas

ochre painting with natural earth pigment

Stencil art is made by putting a mixture of ochre and water in your mouth and spraying it in a controlled manner. It's actually quite easy and makes for a stunning demonstration

Ochre adds depth to paintings, when you look closely you see all these textures


Ochre is our oldest way of expressing dreams and aspirations in art.

Yes I'm spitting it..traditional stencil art is done that way...ooohwahh