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Whether you are just starting or you have been making art for decades, we have the supplies you are looking for...Where to buy Ochre, organise an Aboriginal school workshop, find Spinifex Resin, Didgeridoo blanks, Stone knives and Spear points, Emu Feathers...anything to do with Indigenous art and culture

 you name it we have it or can find it for you...Just Ask..!

Indigenous Hands On School Workshops

aboriginal ochre painted hands buy ochre here, kilo ochre, mixing ochre, ochre for curriculum online

More than just a place to buy ochre...We are always on hand to ask questions about Indigenous art and culture or school incursions presenting Aboriginal school workshops.

How ochre is traditionally used by aboriginal peoples for example...

Aboriginal Art Ochre

Aboriginal Art Ochre, Ancient Pigments

Over 30 years presenting Aboriginal school workshops, supplying fine quality Indigenous art and culture resources and artefacts,.

Buy Aboriginal Art Ochre here with confidence..it will be in the next mail with a tracking number sent to you.

Brave Ant Indigenous Resources-Aboriginal Art and Artefacts

All enquiries welcome!

Contact anytime for School Resources or

Aboriginal School Workshops Enquiries

Aboriginal School Workshops

Over 30 years engaging students from Prep to University with aboriginal school workshops presenting our timeless indigenous art and culture and yes this is the place to buy ochre online.


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