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Aboriginal School Workshops

Hello, my name is Rick Roser...

I present hands on Aboriginal workshops for schools, 

mainly in Qld. 

Indigenous school incursions that have been engaging kids for over 30 years now…quite proud to say!

Literally from first day at Prep right through to the last day of High School…these workshops just grab the attention of kids -  teachers..parents - right up to corporate execs or a PM... 

By all accounts they are very insightful, highly educational……  …and great fun!!

...%100hands on...

And with big shells of ochre, hundreds of emu feather hair decorations…scores of fire making sticks, dozens of didgeridoos, enough boomerangs, spears, necklaces, arm bands…

 ...Making them, using them, keeping some…what’s not to love?

Real Indigenous information and culture shared and evaluated in a relaxed learning environment for all kids.

Because the Students learn real skills in a such a memorable way the activities have proven invaluable for Teachers to use as Indigenous references across the curriculum

32 years experience....:) and still smiling ;)

And providing a positive introduction to Aboriginal culture!


...from Prep

Aboriginal workshops at schools and OSHC

...to Middle School...

Aboriginal school workshops proven invaluable for Teaching Indigenous culture across the curriculum

...to High school....


Timetable.....as your school requires...

eg : 5 X 1hr sessions in a full day


Maybe 2 or 3  X 1 hr sessions in a part day

sometimes double classes etc. 

Each individual activity takes approx 15 mins so there are usually 4 or 5  activities to a 1hr session. 

Aboriginal school workshop Activities available at the Workshops include:...

  • OchrePainting...Face/Hair/Hands old T Shirts etc. using real Ochres 
  • Emu Feather Headdresses using Ochres, Beeswax, and Emu Feathers            
  • Fire Making using traditional fire sticks
  • Boomerang & Spear throwing - using a woomera 
  • Didjeridoo Workshops  includes how to circular breathe

Story telling and Aboriginal culture Information from Shelter to Cooking are a big part of these Indigenous school incursions

Cost...From $450 + Gst for Part Day - $900 (Per School Day) + Gst ....Travel costs may apply

Murals and installations as well....

Some of my art and artefacts have been collected by National & State Galleries, Museums and private collections.

All materials are supplied   

The workshops are best located in an undercover outdoor area close to the oval.

Aboriginal School Workshops info....

  •  Ochre painting and the Emu dreaming story telling, 

Where volunteers - then everyone can get painted with Ochre designs for faces/hands/arms/hair/Tshirts etc.

Ochre is natural Kaolin clay and brushes out....

Wear an old shirt to get it painted with Ochre!!!

  • Hair decorations...Exquisite Emu feathers, Beeswax and Ochre hair decorations applied as a Dreamtime story progresses, 

Great fun learning and doing. Children keep the emu feather head dress and all may be painted up.

  • Fire making.... Sorryyy... Only I can rub two sticks together so fast it makes a tiny spark... and then only I can catch that spark in a pinch of puffed up grass... AND yes it’s only me who can coax that spark into a flame...it’s true.. 

But everyone loves to try...Not a chance...Sorry...Reward offered...

(It’s really, really hard)

Fully accredited and perfectly safe.

Incorporates an acted out story.....or a lesson in Physics

  • Boomerangs show our first attempts at powered flight.... 

Boomerangs are demonstrated, Yes...Students too...!

  • Spear & Woomera...a Spectacular example of a simple invention. Technology used to make a huge increase of physical power.
  • Didgeridoos - wait til you hear them practicing the Frog song.
    PVC nylon water pipe didges ... sound better - and everyone can play.

In case of inclement weather or other circumstances there are   

  • String making, 
  • Stone Tool Making or 
  • Painting on boomerangs or canvas. 

A typical review....

A highlight of Semester 1 is the incursion conducted by Rick Roser, where students are taught and involved in various traditional Aboriginal cultural activities including fire making, face decorating, and spear and boomerang throwing. The students gain valuable knowledge from this incursion as they learn the significance and purpose of some Aboriginal cultural activities.


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CONTACT Rick at: braveant@bigpond.com

PO Box 800, Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220, AU

0422 275 601


Indigenous School Incursions and Interactive workshops