Aboriginal Stone Axe-Split stick-Hair string-Spinifex handle

Additional Information

This stone axe is highly decorated with Ochres, Emu Feathers, Hair String (Yes human hair from the hairdressers, rolled into proper string by me...!?) The stone was hand ground on sandstone after being knapped (chipped) into the rough shape the traditional way.

The handle is Black Wattle, split and heated til soft and then wrapped around the axe head which had hot tree resin smeared on it as an adhesive, then the whole lot left to cool down before the string is applied in front and behind the handle to assist the resin in holding the stone in place....Phew..

Then painted with Red, Yellow and White ochre with emu feathers joined to any string ends with beeswax. 

No two are the same, this one is long gone, but I can make them to order anytime. I love making stone tools and and specialise in the Aboriginal stone knife, spear points just ask...

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Humans do not have big claws or fangs, but luckily for us we do have big brains, so we could invent artificial claws and fangs…stone axes and knives. 

Aborigines, and indeed all peoples used stone tools to make hunting and gathering easier, for cutting up meat, for processing edible plants and making other tools & weapons. 

It does not take a long time to make a stone axe, especially with a group. 

Did you know Australia has the older ground edge axes in the world?